I have a 1999 volvo v70 xc with a blown headgasket can I use sealant for repair? on 1999 Volvo V70

The top radiator hose broke and caused it to run hot.I don't want to purchase a radiator if the sealant is not recommended for short term repair. I can't afford $2000 for a new motor and installtion.

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have head gasket repl instead of repl engine.sealer is a wives
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Mechanical failures usually don't fix themselves. Read the label of whatever you get , and keep the number for a tow truck handy. Then if you want reliability with relatively low cost maint. buy a Camry 4Cyl. , easy 300K car IF maintained. Check 'Consumer Reports Used Car Buyers Guide' for more info.
no you cant
Sealant may be used for short-term repair...
Thanks, cause I only plan to drive it for another 6 months or so then I'll be looking to purchase a 2003 v70.
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