I have a 1997 Toyota Rav 4. My parking lights come on after I press the brake.Y? on 1997 Toyota RAV4

Every time I press on the brake, the parking lights come on. Also, my cruise control doesn't work anymore - I hear a ticking in the glove box - fuse maybe?

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That could be hard to find; obviously there is a short between your brake light circuit & tail lights. most common would be in the tail light assembly. Isolate the tail light assemblies and see if your park lights still come on. There is a junction block under the dash that these wires share as well. Look for wires, connectors, etc, that looks melted or burned.
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This usually occurs when you have lost a ground connection and the brake lamp power is back feeding through the park lamps. The affected lamp socket may need to be replaced. To find which one it is turn on the parking lights, and then have an assistant hit the brake pedal while you watch the brake lights. The bulb in the bad socket will go out or get very dim..
Turns out, as I took out the brake lamp (the one I replaced in the last few months) the situation no longer occurs. Could the wrong brake lamp/light be the offender? I need both brakes lights to work obviously.
Well surely it can't be something as simple as the wrong bulb, that is not nearly complicated enough!! Try a new bulb before you do anything else. The part # is 1157.
Changed the light bulb to the exact part number you described and it worked. I remember that number from buying it from a local auto parts store (this new one bought at Walmart). Weird that a light bulb would change the grounding but that's exactly what must have happened. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR INPUTS!
Actually it had nothing to do with the ground circuit. It simply provided a bridge from the brake lights over to park lights and vice versa, the ground circuit was/is working just fine!!! Always compare the bulbs, i.e. number of contacts closely befor replacing/installing as part numbers can be hard to find on the old bulb. Another great source for information about replacement bulbs and their part number is, the owners manual. We are glad you have it fixed!
Wired up for towing a trailer and a possible wiring issue there? Any moisture inside of the park lights, maybe a crack in a rear lense somewhere and water is bridging the two circuits? Just random thoughts on some things i have run up on. Do the signal lights work ok? Have any bulb been changed recently? Do both brake lights work and are good and bright?