1997 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

1997 Chrysler Town & Country Question: I have a 1997 town and country. It won't pass smog. The code says the batt. temp

sensor is bad. I've determined that the sensor is part of the pcm. Where is the pcm located in the car? I think it's next to the relay box in the front left of the engine compartment but I'm not sure. There are two other codes displayed. One is the o2 sensor and the other is the coolant sensor. Could the pcm be at fault for those as well? -
Answer 1
post the code numbers,that doesn't sound right -
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The codes are p1493, p0117, and p0137. I've checked the batt tray and there is no sensor there. I've found other websites stating the sensor is in the pcm which is apparently a sealed unit. -
Answer 2
battery temperature sensor is in the battery tray -