I have a 1997 QX4 that has begun a scary side to side swaying while driving. on 1997 Infiniti QX4

The swaying typically begins when I back off on the accelerator, but not always.

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Air pressure in the tires ok? Any work been done it recently?
Tire pressures are good. My concerns are: (1) Could it be worn struts? (2) Might it be related to the AWD system?.
Is it fishtailing (swaying in the rear)?
Tire pressure is fine and no recent repairs
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I had that problem also...i had my rear lower "Sway Bar", or trailing arm?? solved my problem...Mine was bent from someone jacking my truck up incorrectly
Sways really bad in the rear
Mine used to do the same thing, it gradually got worse, but I drove 2000 miles away from home, thru idaho, Montana, S.D, and Minnesota in the middle of winter, and the car was just fine. So as long as you go slow, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. When I got home I got it fixed, and it turned out to be my rack and pinoin. Cost me $600 and change, but for peace of mind, totally worth it. You might want to try that if you've exhausted every option.