1997 Infiniti QX4 Q&A

1997 Infiniti QX4 Question: I have a 1997 QX4 that has begun a scary side to side swaying while driving.

The swaying typically begins when I back off on the accelerator, but not always. -
Answer 1
Air pressure in the tires ok? Any work been done it recently? -
Comment 1
Tire pressures are good. My concerns are: (1) Could it be worn struts? (2) Might it be related to the AWD system?. -
Comment 2
Is it fishtailing (swaying in the rear)? -
Answer 2
I had that problem also...i had my rear lower "Sway Bar", or trailing arm?? replaced...it solved my problem...Mine was bent from someone jacking my truck up incorrectly -