I have a 1993 honda accord when I drive for 5 min my car turns off on 1993 Honda Accord

My car turns on great with no engine light but let's say when I get about 2 miles or 3 my car turns off and the engine light comes on there is some times when the engine light comes on but my car doesn't turn off. I have bought a new distributor, new spark plug wires, and also new spark plugs and still the car turns off after 5min can anyone HELP ME..

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It is either losing spark or losing fuel.. If there is anyway you can install a spark tester on one of the spark plug wires and let the engine run and see if the spark is still present when the engine stalls out.. Also you may want to install a fuel pressure gauge and watch for a fuel pressure drop when the engine dies. These things are notorious for defective distributors.. I see that you replaced the distributor but just because the part is new or reman then dont just assume that it is working properly. Good luck with your vehicle, this may be a challenge.
I check the spark on the wire and their good and also I check with the spark plug and spark come out. I haven't yet check out the fuel pressure because I don't have the peace to check if it good. Also when I first got the distributor it didn't happen it but after 3 month or so that when it started turning off. Is their any other parts in the car that make it turn off for any reason. I forgot to say does it have to do because I change the air filter to an intake. One last thing is it normal to hear spark sounds when I open my hood.
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