I have a 1978 Toyota Corolla 1.6liter, 4 speed man. trans. on 1990 Toyota Corolla

Recently the brake and charge light have come on and stay on. The alternator is good, the voltage reg. and ignition switch are new and all fuses are ok. I have looked for obvious shorts in the system but cannot find any. Also this problem seems to have affected the automatic choke mechanism. This car is ancient but was running quite well up until this problem suddenly occurred. Can you help at all.

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Not many know what a carburator is any more!! The choke gets it's voltage from the charging system after engine starts so choke wont start opening until eng. is running!! You have a mismached alt. and voltage reg. Do you still have the old ones that came of the car? Also have you checked the fuse marked charge? Ok i see fuses were checked. See if the voltage reg has the same color gromet where wires are. In the past I have had to have the original unit rebuilt and get the regulator from the builder to have any luck. That was back when there was a couple of independant rebuilders just down the road a ways though. Dont know if anyone does it anymore. Man,,,,them was the good ol days, when folks actually cared weather you came back for more business or not and valued their customers. Gone by the wayside now, what a shame!
Sorry for the rant. Sometimes my thinking outruns my brain.
You're lucky!!..........MY thinking doesn't have anything to catch up with........lost it and some marbles a few years ago.
Lol, i know exactly what ya mean!
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who ck'd the charging system?
Make sure the battery is fully chaged , BEFORE checking the charging system. Re-test alternator. Brake and battery lights on at same time is classic sign of alternator failure in those Toyotas.
How did you test the charging system? Could be idling too low as well. Check for vacuum leaks and clean the throttlebody and idle air control. If not resolved bring it in for diagnostics.