i have a 1972 buick skylark with a ignition lock cylinder broken off in the case on 1990 Buick Skylark

steering colmn lock plate taken off and what i believe is the lock cyl release pin pushed in it would not i ummm used a slide hammer on it,not a good idea!then my brother did some more on it...trying to break and or pry the cylinder out of the its realy stuck..any ideas on how to remove lock cylinder from case? do i need to remove whole steering colmn,,this car belongd to my late grandfather and iam trying to restore,,thanks D.B

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Either you have to remove the whole column or cut the column with a Dremmel tool and re-weld it later.
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I don't know how much damage you have done to the steering column. If you haven't already messed up the lock cylinder housing, you can drill the old lock cylinder out. start with a 7/16" or 1/2" drill bit, drill through center of the lock cylinder. Check often to be sure you don't drill past the length of the lock cylinder.then use a flat blade screwdriver to pry the remaining wall of the lock cylinder towards the center of the hole you drilled. Pull the pieces out with needle nose pliers, you should be able to see a slot in the bottom of the hole when finished. You can use your flat blade screw driver to turn it clockwise to the on position, where you will be able to install the new lock cylinder.