I have 2003 pt and the temp show's hot but eng seems ok on 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

top rad hose cool fan is on t-stat factory new with new wtr pump & tmg belt new radiator but eng seem cool top hose gets hot when stat opens feel hot air from fan when top hose warm but this is intermit issue is there a problem with air pockets? or could this be a false signal due to electrical issue.

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Have it scanned to see what live data says temp is.
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wont hurt to bleed it system to make sure all air is out.
Is it normal to hear bubbling from the overflow bottle when the engine is shut off? This happens most of the time and I have tried to bleed the system but is there a correct way I am to follow? maybe I'm doing it wrong, the engine seems ok but I don't want any issues as I use it to take My parents to doctors and I can't risk a breakdown.
there should be a schrader valve just below where the thermostat is located. make sure fluid is topped off. 3/8 should fit. turn on the engine and open the valve let some fluid out close it and repeat until you see a nice steady flow. Have you replaced the radiator cap? since its a service item need to be changed either way.