2000 Lincoln Town Car Q&A

2000 Lincoln Town Car Question: i have 2000 lincoln town car rattling noise around catlictic converter

car make the noise only when the engine get hot when engine is cold the sound is not there -
Answer 1
either you have a loose heat shield or the converter is boken up inside -
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how do you check to see if you have a loose het shield or a broken converter? How much does this job cost? -
Answer 2
Agree with #1. -
Answer 3
I hear a rattling noise that sounds like it is in the dashboard on the driverside,only when I reach 50 mph or greater. Please help me with this. What causes the catlictic converter to rattle, and is it distinguished beneath the car? -
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to check your catalytic conv. you just have to take a rubber hammer or something equivalent and hit the "cat" to see if it rattles if so you need to replace it -