i have 2 codes P0122 and P1693. where are the parts located. on 2001 Dodge Ram 2500

can a normal person replace these or does a shop have to?

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po122 has to do with the thottle pos sensor and i find no p1693. seek daig and est as it could be the circuit not always the sensor
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A normal person cannot replace these...have a shop do it.
Hi p0122 is throttle position sensor circuit low input meaning that the power feed is missing: I would visually check the connector that leads to the t.p.s. see if it is secure,carefully disconnect it and apply some diellectric grease.If the wires are all intact and the grease does'nt make a difference then a test on the sensor and the circuit will have to be performed carefully so as not to short circuit the computer.I suggest you purchase a repair manual which will explain how to carry out the test carefully and you will need a multimeter as well.Haynes or chilton manuals are available at auto shops.....I don't have the code P1693.It is not very difficult to replace the t.p.s.just remove the two srews that holds it to the throttle body unplug the connector and reverse the procedure. Disconnect the negative battery lead while working on it.