I have 07 toyota yaris and has 115,000 no tune up has been done on 2007 Toyota Yaris

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oil changes always done, but need to know what i should get serviced now, it runs good but makes clicking noise when in idle, i bought it 3 years ago with no idea what had been serviced on it..
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Normal maintenence would include;spark plugs , engine air filter , coolant service(drain & fill sufficient), trans fluid service(manual or auto.). The 'clicking noise needs to be checked first-hand at a shop to determine the exact cause and what if any repair is needed.It could be valves or it could be a solenoid unnoticed prior , or it could be a bad spot on a belt etc. Also if your car is equipped with an air conditioner cabin filter if that hasn't been changed or checked , it should be. I'm sure I missed some stuff , but I think I hit the basics. Unless there is a problem with fuel pressure , or you know that there has been serious contamination to supply , I don't usually recommend fuel filters. I can't find a listing on the pump or filter so I don't know if it's seperate or part of the fuel pump assembly. For spark plugs , I recommend ONLY OEM -NGK or NIPPONDENSO IRIDIUM other types may not work well with the system and if used cause idle problems or even check engine light to come on(misfire code).