2007 Ford Five Hundred Q&A

2007 Ford Five Hundred Question: I had the wheelbarring on the driver side front replaced. No lights were lit

up on dash when dropped off. When I picked up the car the ABS, check engine light and wrench were all lit up. Mechanic says the computer doesn't like the wheelbarring he put on car so he is going to replace ABS Sensor and all lights should go out. PLEASE HELP!!!!! -
Answer 1
What else do you want if the mechanic is going to take care of it at 'no cost' right? Should have been quoted in original price anyway. And fixed before you picked it up. Well that is how we do it out here in the country! Car should have been just as it was before the work just with no bearing problem. -
Answer 2
Tell him to save the old parts and give them to you.They might have been damaged during bearing install or are just defective.Either way an honest mechanic will have no problem doing that. -