I had the water pump replaced in Jan 2012 and am still loosing water everyday on 1990 Chevrolet Caprice

I have to put a gallon of water in the radiator everytime I drive it and it looks like it is still leaking from the same area could a water pump go bad that fast

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You are addind coolant mix not straight water , right?
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If improperly installed, yes. Have it pressure tested to verify.
How do I do a pressure test or do I take it back to the garage to see if he messed up
The pressure test takes special equipment. If you suspect that the repair was done improperly or that the part they installed has failed prematurely, then you should take it back to them. Mistakes, unfortunately, do occur. Give them the opportunity to make it right. You may be surprised, then again, cooling systems can be very complicated and involve a great many parts located in very close proximity. Good luck!