i had the cam sensor & crank sensors replaced on 2001 Chrysler Concorde

afer having cam & crank sensors replaced i picked up my car & drove it a few miles then the oil light came on & there is a engine knock after checking dipstick the car has oil & theres no signs of oil leaking

by in Toms River, NJ on July 03, 2013
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ANSWER by on July 03, 2013
Have your oil pressure checked. you may have a bad oil pump. There is a bulletin for oil light flickering if my memory serves me right, but that is just for a bad connection to the oil pressure sensor and not cause any knocking noise.
COMMENT by on July 03, 2013
thank you also the check engine light is not on just the oil light
ANSWER by on July 03, 2013
COMMENT by on July 03, 2013
thank you
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