I had my oil changed yesterday at Jiffy Lube engine light came on . on 2009 Toyota Camry

I stopped at advance auto the guy put it on the machine the code p0441 came up. I check the gas cap took it off and tighten it the light still on. I looked under the hood for anything loose and saw nothing.It's not making any noise this is the first time it has ever come on. HELP!! What could it be?

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P0441 is incorrect purge flow, if the hose was accidently knocked off of the valve during the servicing that could cause it. The purge valve is in the left rear corner of the engine compartment, and in the past its been attached to the air cleaner assembly. Check for a hose not connected to anything right beside the air cleaner.
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oops.someone hooked up evap lines backwards or knocked one off.