I had my car smogged, it failed, now the ABS light won't go off. on 2004 Toyota Camry

I'd like to know if the ABS light came on due to the procedure during a smog check, or is it an unrelatd issue. Right now the guy is running a diagnostic code check at the smog place. Thanks.

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most of the time the abs light comes on during a smog test if its on a dyno but reset shortly after driving.wait for the diag and see what he says
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Unless it's run on a four wheel dyno (2-wheel dyno in N.VA.) it's a normal response from the ABS system due to haveing 2 wheels spinning and 2 that 'appear' locked-up. Does Ca. still dyno all cars?
yes cali uses dyno's and it is normal should reset after driving
Thank you !.......For most anything past '95 , all we do is OBDII check.
Right now, you should be patient
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