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1998 Honda Accord Question: I had my 1998 Honda Accord Rear Motor Mount replaced...

It is vibrating. My old one was not vibrating; however, a Star Smog Check Station person told me I had to put in s new one. Now it is vibrating something awful. Please advise. Thanks in advance. -
Answer 1
Was this a 'Honda' mount, properly installed, or other? -
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Not sure; I am going to check this weekend (6/29/13). -
Answer 2
Possible original one had a vacuum line to it , may have been left off , or pinched somewhere. -
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The one I had before, the hose was taken off. This one is, with the hydradullic hose, keep going up and down; hitting the, I think the brake shaft. -
Comment 2
should be a vacuum hose , not hydraulic. Solenoid controlled by PCM. -
Comment 3
That's what I was looking for "vacuum" hose. -