I had front and rear brake pads and rotors replaced. I hear squeaking noise. on 2002 Mercedes-Benz C320

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What could be the cause? I am told that genuine MB parts were used and the shop replaced them but I still hear the squeaking noise.
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There is an anti-squeal lubricant that can be applied to the back of the pads. This may take care of the noise for you.
Thank for the response; however, the anti-squeal lubricant was applied and it worked for awhile then the noise came back.
Then, have the inside pads checked for free motion within the brakeware. Any burrs or cast errors on the backing will cause the pads to bind in the brakeware and make the squeaking noise you are hearing. You should be able to slide the pads in and out of the brakeware while it maintains a tight but flowing fit.