2004 Lexus IS300 Q&A

2004 Lexus IS300 Question: I had 2 accidents both time the track light and the air fuel sensor light came

The collision and the dealer said it was the air sensors that are failing. I only have 50miles on the car and now an additional repair bill of $1000. Could the accident have caused the sensors to fail. I was it in the rear this time with rear fender replacement and some other damage and then I was hit in the front the last time... what junk if this is what happens at 50k miles.. -
Answer 1
i would contact insurance co and ask questions about needed repair they may cover it -
Comment 1
If Lexus says it is not a result of the both collisions then the insurance company is not going to step up. My question is can the "track light and check engine light" be effected by a collision. -
Comment 2
the track light depending on which component could be and def the the air flow sensor because its a very delicate part and a good jolt could damage it. -