2001 Toyota Camry Q&A

2001 Toyota Camry Question: I got the code P0303 and P0300,P0301,P0302 old code.Engine misfire at idle.

Valve cover gasket is leaking. cylinder 3 has oil.spark plug was changed in 08/2013.Sparkplug wire set looks ok. -
Answer 1
If you want to FIX this, replace the complete vave cover gasket 'SET'. Oil that has leaked in around the spark plugs will cause these misfires/codes. Replace plugs and wires! Toyota's really work well with "NGK" plugs and plug wire sets! And vice versa!! -
Comment 1
Hi. Thank you very much. Your suggestion solved my problem.No more Engine code. No more Misfiring.I have changed valve cover gasket by myself.Gasket cost me $15.I also replaced Danso spark plug wires set. Spark plugs were already changed. Thank you And appreciated for your big help. God bless you. -