i got a code P1580 on 1998 Volkswagen GTI

what does that code mean speed sensor but which one

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PO411 is a secondary air injection system code, i.e the Air Pump System has a fault, not just the Pump, the whole system, needs diagnosis.
P0103 is a Mass Air Flow Sensor fault, needs diagnosis.
P0580 is a Cruise Control Switch problem.
P1580 is a Throttle Actuator malfunction.

So you need to have some deep diagnosis, the last time I had a VW with this many codes, it turned out to be a defective Engine Computer, but this is NOT a final Diagnosis. If you do get another computer, REMEMBER, it must be programmed in the car or it will not work!!
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i would find some one in the area with a VAG comm system. if you replace the MAF and still throwing the sewcondary air pump code the cost of replacing the secondary air pump is well over 700 for the part alone. the S. Pump pump air in to the First Catalic converter during cold weather starts to prevent damage to the cat. it literlly runs for about 90 seconds. you can get a bypass called a Frost plug which should include the bypassing of the pump, hence nomore check engine light.