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2005 Dodge Neon Question: I got a #4 injector open cycle, misfire.

Witk the fuel rail off, and key on it would not stop spraying fuel out of injector #4. I switched the injector and with the key on and the fuel rail out. It keeps spraying fuel out of # 4 injector again. Since it's not the injector on #4. What else could it be? -
Answer 1
is it spraying fuel all the time? it is not supposed to. -
Comment 1
Yes it is spraying all the time, and it's not supposed to. Why is it doing this??? -
Comment 2
Got to be ECM or driver circuit to # 4! Pro. scanner is a must for diag. Think of the injector as a bulb it has to have power and ground to work. Before it can flash something has to break one of these circuits. May be a short to either + or -! Or a defective computer. Check circuit with DVOM. Then compare with another injector connector. I think it is an ecm problem. But you have the car so, good luck. -
Comment 3
I have continuous power to one injector. I want to check for a grounded wire. Does anyone have a wire diagram. I have a Hynes manual but it doesn't come with a diagram. Can I bypass the wiring harness, by going from ecm to the injector. Then check for continous power? -
Answer 2
you have a ciruit isssue to #4 cyl seek daig and est to repiar.it might be covered under your 10yr 100k mile warranty if you have it -