I got a #4 injector open cycle, misfire. on 2005 Dodge Neon

Witk the fuel rail off, and key on it would not stop spraying fuel out of injector #4. I switched the injector and with the key on and the fuel rail out. It keeps spraying fuel out of # 4 injector again. Since it's not the injector on #4. What else could it be?

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you have a ciruit isssue to #4 cyl seek daig and est to might be covered under your 10yr 100k mile warranty if you have it
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is it spraying fuel all the time? it is not supposed to.
Yes it is spraying all the time, and it's not supposed to. Why is it doing this???
Got to be ECM or driver circuit to # 4! Pro. scanner is a must for diag. Think of the injector as a bulb it has to have power and ground to work. Before it can flash something has to break one of these circuits. May be a short to either + or -!
Or a defective computer. Check circuit with DVOM. Then compare with another injector connector. I think it is an ecm problem.
But you have the car so, good luck.
I have continuous power to one injector. I want to check for a grounded wire. Does anyone have a wire diagram. I have a Hynes manual but it doesn't come with a diagram. Can I bypass the wiring harness, by going from ecm to the injector. Then check for continous power?