i got a 2006 gmc danali 4x4 the fort axles are missing is it safe to drive on 2006 GMC Envoy

i traded my car in for this the guy that sold it to me said the4 wheel drive didnt work .i had someone i know to look at it.they said the front axles are no in it

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wow i agree w/wetry
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He probably had an issue with the front differential ...that is why he removed the is safe to drive however there will be no 4x4 engaging...
What is going to retain the hub without the big nut on the axle? I do not know if there is a lock ring on the back side or not.
Hub may work out of bearing.
YIKES! you are right wetry...this is DANGEROUS cause there is no nut and axle spline holding the hub on.
Kricket, you should have this looked at RIGHT AWAY!