I got a 1998 chevrolet adventure van when I go put gas in it the gas leaks out? on 1998 Chevrolet Venture

The gas seems to be coming out directly from under the gas tank... not to mention my van is rusted on the bottom.. and ive also been having trouble with turning my steering wheel while driving , and before anyone geuss power steering flued its fine on that .. when i am driving ill turn the steering wheel and it makes a thumping noise as like my front end is gone to fall out ! what could this be? ... right now im more concerned about the gas leaking it only happends when im getting gas

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This will have to be seen to determine what the problem is! The rubber hose going to the gas tank 'might' be leaking.?
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Agree with #1. Needs inspected. Possible filler neck rusted out or the rubber connecting fuel hose.