I go through at least one windshield wiper blade a month, most months 2. on 2011 Chevrolet Impala

Does not seem to matter passenger or driver side. I use a 22" on the driver side and a 21" the passenger side as recommended. I live in southern ontario and our weather is harsh. My parents have a 2010 impala and do not have the same problems I do. I drive 75-100km (40-50miles) per day for work, It just seems that this car is a lemon and one more thing to make me not buy another one. My car currently has 112000 kms on it.

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Wow , never heard of that ,try a better brand , I like the winter Ones,they come with rubber all around them ...
Try winter blades.
I have tried multiple brands. from $35/wiper winter rainx to generic store brands. nothing seems to work. my 2001 impala I changed the wipers in the spring and fall only. not because I had to but I drive a ton and they always seem to go bad when its terrible weather
Same with my Blazer! I finally just bought a couple pair of cheap blades and they seem to do just as good and last as long as the high dollar ones. Keep a spare pair! I've tried them all. Cleaned the windshield and blades, nothing works! Why waste money on a name? Can't stand noisey wipers!!
I knew a guy with same car and same problem ,
A lady I knew just kept wiping the rubber part with a rag
And that use to work , maybe there's to much pressure in the arms or not
Enough , u could bend the arms a little .
You think so? Really! So much for a better blade then if that be the case! WOW!
Wow , what ????
People round here hate a little competition ,
Have a good one ....
Don't see any yet!!!
Same here!!