i get a "stability control failure contact saab dealer" error on the SID & light on 2003 Saab 9-3

SAAB here has not been able to repair - what is the fiix? seems to happen mostly when making right turns

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Steering wheel angle sensor, it is usually the same fault on GM vehicles. The SAAB will have to be calibrated. Have the yaw module checked and verified as well.
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What the above poster said, it could also be caused by failed wheel speed sensors. In that case you will also see the ABS light come on. Have the car scanned with the actual Saab diagnostic tool, which is a GM Tech 2 loaded with Saab software. Most other scan tools simply will not go far with these Saabs. Good luck!
Can it be disabled such that it will start?
I get the same problem, but only abrupt slow sharp right turns from a stand still. I have read numerous forums and found out that it could the wheel speed sensor. I have not replaced mine yet.
Thanks all - no luck, but the car is still running strong !
Thanks all - no luck, but the car is still running strong !