I drove car to store and it would not start not getting gas to engone on 2000 Dodge Stratus

It did start after shaking back of car but will no longer start it seems like gas is not going to the motor

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possible fuel pump
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I think that Baumbach23 has ever thing youneed to know.
You might try checking the fuse to the fuel pump. It's common for these pumps to pull higher than normal amperage and pop the fuse. If the fuse is good, locate the fuel filter, it'll be under the car. If youv'e recently had it changed it's possible that it is installed backwards (Ive seen this happen and still run.) If its in right when was the last time it was changed out? It's possible that it's in dire need of being changed, but if its that bad, you may have to have the fuel pump replaced (Its in the tank) it can be done at home, but if you make a habit of running it low (Fumes) and you filled it up with gas it can be fun dropping the tank full of gas. Have patience when you do this though. If you replace the pump or have it replaced make sure you replace the pre-filter (its either a sock looking thing or a paper filter) on the inlet side of the pump. I have seen these filters collapse and cut off fuel flow keeping it from being picked up by the pump. I hope this helps you out some.