1990 Chevrolet Corvette Q&A

1990 Chevrolet Corvette Question: I changed slave cylinder now car won't turn over battery is good on 1986 vette

When I try to start car all lights work radio but it won't crank over. -
Answer 1
get your starter system looked at. -
Answer 2
Presume you mean 'clutch' slave cylinder? Power to clutch 'neutral' safety switch? ....After switch? To starter solenoid? Any wires bumped or damaged while replacing the slave cyl.? -
Comment 1
Yes clutch master and slave cylinder replaced.I did bump the clutch safety switch inside the car above the clutch peddle.Is there a way to bypass it to see if thats the problem ? -
Comment 2
Should be a 2 wire connector , just jumper it and make SURE it's in neutral when you turn the key. -
Comment 3
Thanks,I'll give it a try. -