i changed my sparkplugs and wires and put a new filter in it also and still on 1999 Ford Taurus

getting poor gas millage it has 209,235 miles on it is there something else i can do to get better gas miiage

by in Portland, OR on March 17, 2012
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ANSWER by , March 17, 2012
I would firstly like to know what your fuel mileage is at this point? Was this a sudden decrease in fuel mileage, or have you noticed it getting progressively worse over time? Is you check engine lamp on? Make sure to check your tire pressures, also check your fuel filter and air filter. You mention you installed a new filter but not sure which one you are referring to.
COMMENT by , March 17, 2012
all i know is i have a 12 gallon tank i keep it fulland getting less than 200miles on a fulltank it has gradually gone down getting worse over time i changed the air filter only keep tire pressure right engine light is not on and just passed deq after doing a drive cycle
COMMENT by , March 17, 2012
Years ago, I had a full size Buick wagon with similar mileage.Well maintained,ran fine,but mileage slowly became very poor. After I sold it,I realized that the culprit may have been a worn timing chain and sprockets.
COMMENT by , March 17, 2012
12 gallons seems a tad small for this particular vehicle, my information tells me it should be closer to a 16 gallon capacity. Depending on how you are calculating your actual fuel mileage, this would obviously make it appear to be getting even worse mileage than you say now. One more thing I can think of off the top of my head would be a dirty mass airflow (MAF) sensor. This sensor is used by the PCM to control the amount of fuel delivered under many operating conditions. If this sensor is dirty or skewed out of specification, your fuel mileage can suffer. Realistically with this vehicle, your best bet would be to take it in to a qualified and competent repair facility. The technician will be able to look over the scan data, ( basically be able to see what the computer is seeing ), and make a determination as to why it appears to be getting such poor fuel mileage. Good luck, hope you get your mileage back soon.
COMMENT by , March 20, 2012
I've owned many Taurus cars-all have a 16 gallon tank.
COMMENT by , March 21, 2012