I can't shift my 1996 Toyota Avalon out of park? on 1996 Toyota Avalon

The car will start fine but the car will not shift out of park.

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1-There is a slot above the P on the shifter cover with a small plastic plug that kooks like a button, remove this plug insert your key, or simular tool, and push shift lock down and move shifter! Take it in for repairs. 2- Find the blown brake light fuse under dash and replace it!! Bet the brake lights dont work either. One of these two will get you back on the road. NEVER had anything else cause this so i think you are covered!
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possible shift cable binding. best to bring to a shop for repairs.
Check to see if your brake lights are coming on. If you press the brake can you hear a slight "click" in the console? If no, then the brake switch is your problem. Dont use the bypass button under the plastic plug above "park". Its not a fix and could cause a rear end accident if your brake lights are not working.
Make sure the brake is pressed adequately