1992 Dodge W250 Q&A

1992 Dodge W250 Question: I can't get the van to start or turn over could it be the fuel pump?

I was deiving along and stopped at a light and the van died and wouldn't restart. I changed the fuel filter and drove it around the block and parked it and haven been able to get the van to start or even trun over. I was told that it is the fuel pump, it is located in the fuel tank and before I go to the trouble and expense of removing the tank I would like to knoe if this is the problem. I do knoe that i have an electrical problem because if I park it for more than two days I have to charge the battery, could it be electrical? -
Answer 1
First thing to do is have the battery tested at your local auto parts store ( Napa ) because you have to start with a fresh battery to be able to determine exactly what is going on with your van. -
Answer 2
no it is not the fuel pump!!!!! is the battery even charged????? -