I can't find the coolant release valves.... on 2002 Chevrolet Impala

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I've checked the manual, but there isn't any diagram showing the release valves. I'm trying to add more coolant, because the light keeps beeping at me.
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You can add more coolant to your cooling system by adding to the coolant overflow bottle or directly to the radiator if necessary. Please do this ONLY when the engine is cold. The coolant bottle should have a cap on top which says "engine coolant only", don't fill the windshield washer bottle with coolant by mistake! Check the level of the coolant bottle when the engine is cold. If it is low just add coolant until the level is at the full cold mark. If the bottle is empty you will need to remove the radiator cap and add a 50/50 mix of coolant and water to the radiator, then top off the coolant bottle. If the low coolant light is still on with the system full then you have an electrical issue causing the light to be on. If the cooling system was low you may have a leak, if the system continues to loose coolant after you have filled it you will need to find and repair the coolant leak. Running the engine low on coolant may cause the engine to overheat and could cause severe engine damage.
Thank you very much for all the information. Being a single parent/student is tough enough without having to worry about a mechanic bill to pay. Have a great day!