I cannot get my car out of "park." on 2011 Kia Soul

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I started my car and went to reverse out of my parking spot and the stick would not budge. The car is stuck in park. I tried pressing on the brake and stick would not budge. I tried turing my wheels, that didn't work either. I was able to move the stick to reverse by sticking a key in the shiftlock release button. That's the only way I can get my car out of park. Any advice?
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POSSIBLE blown fuse to brake lights, see if they still work! Owners manual will show which fuse is for the stop lights. It's best to check, or have checked, ALL fuses with a tester!! Even then it's very easy to miss one!
Oh my you are right. I just checked my break light and its not working. Thank you so much. Conveniently I got a recall letter in the mail about the break light system. Guess I need to put a rush in taking my car in.
Dont' seem so suprised!! LOL. That's cool, but be careful as drivers behind you can't tell when you hit the brakes!! Have it fixed asap!
Thanks again. I will right away.
We hope the weather gets better for y'all ! Can't imagine how that is. Don't know much about that area, hope you are ok, as well as everyone!!