2002 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

2002 Chrysler Town & Country Question: Power window on the driver's side stopped working.

The power window on the driver's side stopped working but all the other windows are working. Can this be a fuse or is there a way that I can tell if it is the window motor? What could be some other problems why it will not work? -
Answer 1
This is either the switch, wiring or the motor. If you jiggle the switch a bit, and it starts to works, it's probably the switch. If that doesn't help, try smacking on the door while trying to operating the window, or try slamming the door at the same time as operating the window. -
Comment 1
My windows seem to take turns not working. I tried everything but they still seem to stick up or down. If open they may not close. So aggravating! -
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The front windows of my 2001 Town and Country have stopped working. The driver's side will roll down but will only go up an inch or two at a time then stops. I wait a few minutes and it will go up...
One or more power windows may stop working due to a failed regulator or motor which will require replacement. Our technicians tell us the regulator and motor is replaced as a set on these vehicles.
It is not uncommon or the power window motor and/or regulator to fail. In most cases the door panel will require removal to determine the exact failure.