I bought a 93 sc and I have no fluid to the back brakes,front works fine, help. on 1993 Ford Thunderbird SC

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Pressure to porportion valve inlet is there but nothing exiting.
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Check for a plunger under a rubber cover on the prop. valve and hold this plunger in while someone pumps pedal.
That should send fluid to the rear!!
Ok is that going to open it up for both lines cause this one has a duel inlet and outlet for the rear alone.
You know there is one way to find out!! TRY IT. If that dont work out replace the valve and start bleeding the system!!
you might as well flush it, and run new fluid. if i am right then fluid has thickenned to the point of causing the plunger to not function.
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you may have a plugged line
your going to have to flush break lines and run in fresh fluid. break fluid thickens to sludge when left too long.
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