I am wondering on a cost for 100K service? Timing belt, water pump,spark plugs? on 2007 Honda Accord

What is a time frame to leave the vehicle. I have the vehicle for sale and most people do not want to buy with the work needing to be completed. Thanks for your time.


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It's a timing chain (no need to be touch) unless it makes a rattling sound when it's cold start!
Yes at this mileage recommended to replace water pump and serpentine belt also spark plugs
Sorry , Honda V6 IS a belt , their 2.4L 4cyl. is a chain though. Check with 'estimator' at top of page , and call around to local shops. Prices can vary a lot , depending on labor rate and quality of parts and exact parts replaced. Personally would recommend Honda parts no matter where the work is done , also rec. changing the t-belt tensioner , regardless of if it's showing signs of leakage.
My bad I thought it was a 4 cylinder lmao
Thank you all for your responses. I think the car may be sold and the new owners are aware of the maintenance schedule. Have a great summer.
You too