I am trying to replace the right rear ABS speed sensor on my 2008 Ford Taurus. on 2008 Ford Taurus

I know it should be an easy 20-30 minute job, but it is turning out to be very difficult as the speed sensor appears to be lodged/jammed into the housing that it fits in and there's some corrosion or something that is keeping it stuck to the housing. I have tried EVERYTHING to get it out. I heated it up with a microtorch, used lubricant, tried using a flat head screw-driver to pry it out, and finally I tried pulling it out straight by the wire and it won't even budge. What I accomplished is I actually ripped the wires out of the sensor and the I tried drilling it out, which only removed most of the plastic surrounding the piece and did not dislodge the sensor. At this point I think I may need to take apart the whole assembly so I can dislodge it from the inside but I don't really want to do that as it will take a long time and shouldn't be necessary to do for a simple job like this. If there is anyone who has more experience working on this exact issue with a 2008 or newer ford Taurus, please let me know if there are any tricks/tips that need to be observed to get this stubborn sensor out So I can just put a new one in. Thank You.

by in Deep River, CT on July 28, 2012
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