I am trying to located the Mass Air Flow Sensor in my vehicle. on 1991 Buick Park Avenue

My car has slow acceleration it take about 100 feet then picks up speed as normal and i have a check engine light on. I have had many new parts replaced in this car including COMPETE brake syster water pump Crank shaft sensor Serpintine belt AC By pass pulley Break booster battery new computer master cyclinder idel air control value hub assy tie rods needless to say this will be my ;last repair i am hoping im right and it it the Mass Air Flow sensor whats your opions, Sometime when i start it it runs fine until the hceck engine light kicks in and then its back to slow acceleration...please help

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the mass air flow is in the air intake boot between air filter and throttle body. good luck seems you have thrown alot of parts at this csr
would that cause slow acceleration? for the first 100 feet or so then it picks back up as normal
No it usuall kicks in after about 80 feet. but , seriously , were all those parts you listed , replaced in an attempt to fix this one symptom?????
No thats was other issues i have resolvled this issue is new
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