2005 Honda Odyssey Q&A

2005 Honda Odyssey Question: I am the happy owner of this vehicle and with 110,000 miles on it what should I

do to make it last another 9 years. At about 52,000 miles I had the transmission,brake and rad. fluid changed as well as the terpentine belt just as a precousion.Should I have this done again or am I overlooking something more pressing? Bill. -
Answer 1
Timing belt and water pump (coolant will be changed when they do water pump). Spark plugs (both T-belt & plugs are factory rec. @ 105,000 miles or 7 years). Keep up with trans fluid changes (every 30-40K) oil changes at no more than 5K miles , and keep filters up to date. since engine and cabin filters are easy to check , they should be visually inspected at least every other oil change. Front and side engine mounts are somewhat common also , depending on driving habits/conditions. -