i am rplacing driverside axle on a 94 pathfinder and when i came to pull it out on 1994 Nissan Pathfinder

there is not enough clearance the boot is hitting where the shock bolts to. what can i do?

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Did you break the lower ball joint free so you can swing the hub and steering knuckle out of the way to remove?
yes i did. the cv boot is hitting where the shock bolts to. this is the first time something like this ever happened. last week i changed axle on 2000 Qx4 with no problem.
Remove shock from the vehicle and lay it on the floor! Now pry lower cont. arm down and pull out axle. IF YOU HAVE IT REMOVED FROM THE HUB (??) Has to be loose at both ends to come out. I take the bolts out of the upper ball joint to get the axle out of the hub assem.
Not the lower!
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