i am replacing upper radiator support bar, do i drill out the spot welds on 2004 Ford Escape

if so what size drill and replacement bolts would you recommend? thanks perry

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dont reccomend you touch it. if it is bent, you need a frame machine to sraighten the front end out before this service is performed. you need a body shop to do this.

there is nothing wrong with frame, a heavy piece of barstock dropped on support and bent it, also damaged radiator and ac condenser. i ordered new parts and know that spot welds where not bolted will have to be drilled out, i was just hoping that someone could recommend a starting drill size and type of bolts and nuts to reassemble where spot welds were as it cant be spot welded again. i own a machine shop and was changing oil and one of my employees bumped other side of wall and knocked a 3 inch 8ft long piece of barstock over. hood was up. if you can give me this info i would surely be thankful. perry
ok. the spot welds will have to be drilled out. you need to get some drills and you want to go a little bigger than the size of the weld. i have seen them be as little as 1/8 and as big as 3/8. make sure you run the drill slow and keep the tip cool.