I am on my 3rd transmition and all 3 have done the same thing, on 1993 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

first i loose over drive than drive and 1 and 2 still work and the first 1 i drove like that for over 6 months and second kept on driving in 1 and 2 also, i rebuilt the 1st one and put it in and it is also doing the same crap again

what kind of rebuild are you installing? who is r/b it 4 you, should come with at least 12 month 12k mile warranty.dlr trans comes with 3yr 100k mile warranty or are they just repairing whats wrong inside only?
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possible issue with sensor. possible wrong grade fluid used. tranny fluid fussy as it actuates off of internal pressure. to thick or thin will effect function, and trip sensors.