I am looking at purchasing a 2000 Denali. It has diferential issues. on 2000 GMC Yukon Denali

It has 200,000 k. Are there any other issues i need to be concerned with.

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You mean 200k miles, any service or repair records? Can you drive it to ckeck it out? Really GOOD price?
What engine? What is wrong with the diff.?
thanks. 235,000 km. $3500 is the asking price. I have not seen it. He just said the dif is going to need work. I think a 6L. Any idea of the cost to rebuild of necessary?
I would have test drive it if i were you, may be other problems! If it is not driveable, think i would pass, unless you know the people.
No i cant tell you how much to rebuild! As long as motor and trans. are good and you can confirm it maybe, if it has been taken care of otherwise. That is just MY opinion, could be wrong.
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rear diff. rebuild cost $1,200.00 parts and labour approx. i would take the vehicle to a gmc dealer and have a thorough inspection done to get a better idea of what u might be getting urself in to. worth the cost of finding out if your lookin at a lemon. the seller should understand.
Thanks for your replies. Appreciate the input. Have a good one
no problem. good luck.