I am interested in installing cold air intake in my 2004 explorer. on 2004 Ford Explorer

on the 2004 explorer the Mass Air Flow module and air filter cleaner cover are a 1 - piece unit. but on the 2002 explorer it is a 2 - piece unit. would there be any problems utilizing the 2002 Mass Air Flow module on the 2004 explorer (the Mass Air Flow sensor is different on the 2002 vs. the 2004) and regarding the Mass Air Flow sensor is there a harness adapter or would the wires have to be spliced together. I have not seen a Mass Air Flow module that the 2004 sensor would fit in and connect with the cold air intake setup.

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Pure waste of time and money...FACT!!... Leave it stock and put that money back in your pocket.... search youtube or google it if you dont believe me!... Also you are just asking for trouble when you get to swaping those parts!!..... Just trying to help you out... take it or leave it... No need to reply!!
thanks really appreciate the quick response