I am having water draing on the rear passenger floor. Need to know approx. cost on 2004 Chrysler Sebring

The problem seems to occur every time the AC is on. The water drains on the rear floor on the passenger side. Where should I bring my car and whats the approx. cost

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Agree with previous answer but there is a strong possibility that the heater/air conditioning evaporator housing has had the hose that vents condensation to the out side of the car has inadvertently been knocked off by a passengers foot. Look under the dash under the glove box area for a small hose that may be disconnected and look for whee it needs to be reattached.
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Are u sure if leaking in the back? The a/c system doesnt run back there so its 1 of 2 things. First something else is leaking. Second the drain for your havac system is blocked in your dash and running under your carpet from the dash to the back. Check to make sure the carpet in the front passenger area isnt wet. Could also be your heater core leaking. Is your coolant low, the inside of the car have a sweet smell, or the windows steam up? Really need to locate source to go any further.