I am having coolant blow back in the reservoir & running hot. on 1999 Volvo V70 XC

Coolant blowback in reservoir, running hot. There is a crack in the reservoir. I have another reservoir on the way. I have changed the thermostat & I am noticing moisture in the exhaust. Does this mean I have an internal head gasket blown or could it be just the coolant reservoir?

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It's normal to have moisture in the exhaust, especially when the engine is warming up. If you see white smoke from the exhaust, then this could mean a leaking head gasket.
A leaking reservoir could conceivably cause the engine to run hot and boil over, but I suspect the head gasket is leaking.
I would have the cooling system checked for the presence of hydrocarbons (indicating a blown head gasket)
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Im in agreement with Bret I would suspect a blown head gasket. Replace the resorvoir and cap and if it still pushes coolant out and/or overheats start looking toward a head gasket replacement.