2007 Volvo S60 Q&A

2007 Volvo S60 Question: I am being told that I need to replace "struts" on my S60 that only has 75K mile

Is this reasonable and what is a reasonable estimate. The car drives fine..ie I am not having any issues that I can detect. -
Answer 1
the average life of struts is 50k. they may not be leaking but may be worn out from a stability standpoint. fronts or rears?? Roy -
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Um..they didn't say..just gave me an esitmate of 2K -
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way overpriced unless they are electronic struts. shop around with shops other than dealers for quotes. Roy -
Answer 2
Struts on older heavy American cars used to need to be changed frequently newer lighter cars you would expect them to last longer.Are the shocks showing signs of leakage or are you getting unusual tire wear? Front struts may be as high as $150 each depending on brand, labor guide says 2.5 hours to replace both front struts,maybe $60 to align afterward if needed. -