I am a small female but my daddies son so I know my way around a bit. on 1996 Ford Bronco

of course the belt is tight and its 1 long belt,in my experience I have had to loosen the Altenator do I do
the same here? what is the easy route.Ruthi

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First step is to remove the negative battery cable from the battery. Although its likely the engine wouldn't accidently crank while your hands are in the fan area, it could happen and would be ugly. Do us all a favor and disconnect the battery before starting this job.
Second step is to remove the serpentine belt from all of the pulleys. Take a 15mm socket and push the pulley assembly to the passenger side of the truck. This nut does not twist or turn but rather is used to release tension on the spring, allowing the belt to slide off.
Now that the serpentine belt is off, remove the tensioner pulley/assembly with a T50 bit. Be careful with your hands because the bolt might all of a sudden release, cause your hand to smash into the battery (I speak from experience).
this is part of; Idler-Tensioner Replacement in a 96 5.8; Miesk5 NOTE, Tensioner bolt is left-hand (reverse) thread; idler pulley bolt is a normal right-handed thread
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