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Just replaced the fuel pump and still have no power
My car will not start. I changed the starter and fuel pump and the gas flow is slow. Can you help me.It delayed to crank before this problem.
My wife slammed on the brakes going 15 mph and the ABS kicked in. The car still behaves like the ABS is in effect, it makes a thumping sound when you step on the brakes and the gas pedal does not accellerate.
My daughter ran into my other car with my Hyundai. There was minimal damage to the front of the car, but now the car won't accelerate above 20mph. We replaced the Position Sensor based on the code received, but it is ...
hear it trying to work. the radio keeps saying no cd.
I got the "bulb/socket ssembly" out where I can access the bulb and socket, but cannot pull the bulb out of the socket.
When using the remote to lock doors front windows may lower. This happens occasionaly. Radio goes on/off when driving on rough road.This happens constantly. Car only has 35000 miles
just changed the back drivers side brake pad and now I can hear air when I pump them and they are still a little soft?
Clock spring replacement cost?
What causes an electrical system failure in a 2003 Hyundai XG 350?
The engine jerks terribly when going from Park to other gears. It now dies easily when driving forward but will not drive backwards without dying and/or jerking. Fluids at normal level. Would synthetic blend oil cause...
service company has quoted me to replace power steering pump and I was checking to see if their quote is in line
The local shop has now replaced the Power Steering Pump twice with a remanufactured pump. Still getting leakage. What else could the problem be?