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I have had my 2007 Hyundai Tucson for awhile I have replaced the catalytic converter in it but my check engine light is still on bought preowned from a dealership so I don't think it has a warranty
My check engine light has been coming on for the 3 years I have owned it. I have fixed everything except the o2 sensors. I have the sensors now and just need to make sure I am putting them in the right places.
Shows ejecting cd,no cd or reading cd.Tried credit card and removed audio fuse.
Whenever it rains significantly, or i drive through a large puddle, my tucson stalls briefly, i lose all steering amd all the indicator lights come on. It happens only for a few seconds at a time, but will happen freq...
i am ready to buy it. they want 12800 it is a limited .
Changed clutch master cylinder after gear lever remained stuck in number 3 and would not come out. Was advised to change the cylinder after being told it was leaking. Now the cylinder has been replaced and clutch now ...
I found a small, plastic rectangular trim piece (slighter larger than door handle rectangular piece) underneath my driver's seat, but cannnot locate where it snaps into. Any help here Id'ing this piece would be appre...
seem like it is not getting any gas
When making turns, occasionally the power steering goes away. You have to manhandle it around the corner then it comes back. Been to dealer and was told they could not recreate problem. Any suggestions?
reversed car against curb, applied park brake, when I tried to move the car it would not shift out of park